Puppy with paws on window sill looking out window

Home Alone: Dog Edition

Concerned about your dog learning to be okay when left alone? Is your dog already showing signs of possible separation anxiety? Here are some resources to help.

Dog playing catch a treat

Can Your Dog Catch Treats?

If your dog can catch, ever watch each and every split second? Check out my dog, Gus, showing off his skills with catch. It is amazing to see this action in super slow …

sample indoor dog activities: interactive food dispensing toys and puzzles

Summertime Blues?

    There Ain’t No Cure for the Summertime Blues? Rubbish! When it’s too hot and muggy to spend much time outside, there are plenty of indoor dog activities that you …

Facility for dog training group classes at My Fantastic Friend

Group Classes: Dog Days of Summer

New Dog Training Group Classes Starting in June and July! It’s that time of year when many of us are more active. We spend more time with our dogs, take …

Group classes

Group Classes Scheduled for June

Group classes are starting in June. These semi-private classes are limited to just 4 dogs, so you and your dog will get a lot of personal attention. Dog training classes run for 6 …