Puppies are tough.

  • They never stop. They’re biting, chewing, peeing machines.
  • If we don’t start them off right, they could develop serious issues like fear and aggression.
  • Time is of the essence. The critical window of socialization starts to close as early as 12–14 weeks of age. Invest in your puppy’s future today!

Help your puppy become a well-adjusted dog and enjoy:

  • Peace in your home with a puppy who pees outside, chews his own stuff, and uses his mouth gently.
  • A friendly, social puppy who easily adjusts to new situations.
  • A lifetime of harmony with an easy-to-live-with dog.

I understand how overwhelming it can be to raise a puppy. (Good thing they’re so cute!)

I’ll guide you through the key elements of puppy socialization and training, and help you focus on the priorities for your puppy. Let’s work together to teach your puppy that their world is safe and good.

Group and Private Class Options

  • Private, one-on-one packages of 3 or 5 hour-long classes.
  • Private, one-on-one new puppy consultation to take place prior to or shortly after your puppy’s arrival.
  • Small group class.

Offered live online via Zoom.

Happy black and white puppy cartoon

Private Classes

3 or 5 session packages available. One-on-one coaching with flexible scheduling.



3 x 60-minute sessions

A few of the basics

Sessions must be used within 2 months of purchase



Most of the basics

Sessions must be used within 3 months of purchase

Only available live online

M–F 10am–6pm ET


Puppy packet and skills handouts

Hands-on training exercises and discussion

Happy brown puppy cartoon

New Puppy Consultation

Learn how to prepare for a new puppy and start them off right.

per session


1 x 60-minute session

M–F 10am–6pm ET


Puppy packet

Discussion only

Before or just after your puppy arrives

Only available live online

Happy tan and white puppy cartoon.

Group Class: Wonder Pup Puppy Kindergarten

The most bang for your buck. Share struggles and successes with the class community.

Live Online: $125
total for the 5 weeks


5 x 60-minute sessions

Once per week at set time.
Click here for schedule in eastern time.

Puppy packet and weekly handouts

Hands-on training exercises and discussion

Online: Best for puppies 20 weeks or younger at the start of their first session

Only available live online

Puppy Topics

Socialization, house training, play biting, chewing, alone training, resources guarding prevention and body handling (comfort with veterinary and grooming procedures). Introduction to foundation skills like sit, down, leave it and come.

Experiencing Behavior Problems?

Because basic skills sessions are offered at a discounted rate, we will stick to basic skills only. If you’re having behavior problems, we’ll need to address those in behavior consultations using the non-discounted rate.