Have fun with your dog while providing mental exercise.
Tricks + enrichment = win-win!

Who can benefit from tricks and enrichment?

  • Bored dog?
  • Smart, energetic dog who could use more to do?
  • Just want to do something fun with together with your dog?

Tricks and enrichment to the rescue!

Cute red and white dog doing tricks for enrichment.

Online Group Mini Classes for Tricks

Get started on some trick training. Fun, single sessions.

Live online (in-person classes suspended)

Silly brown dog cartoon ready for tricks and enrichment

Online Private Mini Classes

Fun with tricks. Short lessons offered on a session-by-session basis.

Live online (in-person classes suspended)

Group and Private Class Options

  • All sessions conducted live online via Zoom (In-person classes suspended)
  • Because basic skills sessions are offered at a discounted rate, we will stick to basic tricks only. If you’re having behavior problems, we’ll need to address those in behavior consultations using the non-discounted rate.

Online Groups Tricks Mini Class

per session


1 x 30-minute session

Click here for schedule

Up to 6 dogs

2 tricks per class

Online Private Mini Class

per session


1 x 30-minute session

M–F 10am–6pm ET


Pick 2 basic skills or tricks to get started on (see list below)


Bow, Chin Rest, Crawl, Leg Weave, Peekaboo, Roll Over, Shake, Sit Pretty, Spin, Touch, Wave

Check out our blog for more information on enrichment and online classes!

Online Classes