It breaks my heart to see people and their dogs struggle with behavior problems.

  • Worried about your dog’s fear, anxiety or aggression?
  • Frustrated by your dog’s jumping up, counter surfing, potty training mishaps, destructiveness, acting up on leash or other behavior problems?
  • Routine grooming and veterinary care feel like a constant struggle?
  • Concerned about your dog’s happiness and well-being?

I want you and your dog to be happy and safe.

  • Stop wasting time and money on training that doesn’t work, or worse, sets you and your dog up for even bigger issues.
  • Find peace in your home.
  • Reduce stress and worry (for you and your dog).

Click here for separation anxiety training.

For dogs who struggle when left alone.

Initial Consultation

Before we meet, you’ll complete a behavior history form online.
We’ll start with an initial online behavior consultation, where I will observe your dog, review the history of your dog’s behavior and discuss possible strategies.
I’ll then recommend a training program and package.

60–90 minute session
Written summary and homework notes
Live online via Zoom
Available M–F 10–6pm ET
(There may be a 2–3 week wait or longer depending on your preferred time.)

Virtual/online consultation via Zoom

Follow-up Sessions

  • In-person sessions are fully booked. I’m currently only accepting clients for live online sessions which meet via Zoom.
  • General availability: Monday–Friday 10am–5 or 6pm ET.
  • Follow-up sessions are available only upon completion of initial online consultation.

Single Follow-up Session

Live Online: $110
per session


1 x 60-minute session

Package of 4 Sessions

Live Online: $380


4 x 60-minute sessions

Sessions must be used within 2 months of purchase

Package of 6 Sessions

Live Online: $540


6 x 60-minute sessions

Sessions must be used within 3 months of purchase

Package of 10 Sessions

Live Online: $850


10 x 60-minute sessions

Sessions must be used within 6 months of purchase

Potential behavior problems include:

  • House training mishaps
  • Growling or barking at other dogs or people
  • Fear or aggression with new people
  • Anxiety or fear in new situations
  • Growling or snapping if approached while eating or chewing
  • Destructiveness
  • Jumping up on people
  • Lunging and barking at people or dogs on walks
  • Excessive barking
  • Discomfort with grooming or veterinary procedures
  • Anxiety when left home alone — Click here for separation anxiety training

I want you and your dog to be happy and safe.

There are no guarantees when it comes to behavior. However, the methods I’ll be showing you have helped thousands of dogs. I’ll be kind and supportive with you and your dog.

Day Training Option

Let me do the bulk of the work! This is a great option for some behavior problems if you want training for your dog with less work on your end. I train your dog in your home or on field trips a few times a week when you are away or busy with other things. Click here for more information.