You shouldn’t have to choose between your dog’s happiness and living your life.

Is your heart breaking watching your dog suffer from separation anxiety?

Are you longing to travel again, or even just meet friends for dinner?

Are you unable to leave your home without your dog panting, pacing, eliminating, drooling, howling, barking, chewing or destroying?

Have you tried everything but nothing’s worked?

You and your dog can be happy.

Leave your happy dog at home and regain your freedom.

Stop wasting time and money on solutions that don’t work, or could even make things worse.

Cartoon of cute dog howling because of separation anxiety

Initial Consultation

I’ll collect a case history on your dog’s behavior.
Includes initial assessment and overview of training program.

Single session up to 90 minutes
Live online via Zoom
Available M–F 10–6pm ET

$112.50 (limited time COVID pricing)

Intensive package (Recommended to start)Essentials Package
I work very closely with you to help guide you through the training and make adjustments for your dog as needed.I still provide customized daily training plans, but I’m less involved overall.
1 x 30-minute video call

5 x individualized daily training plans
(we’ll do one exercise together each week)

Video review and feedback of your training exercises
5 x individualized daily training plans

First week includes 1 x 30-minute video call (we’ll do the first training plan together)

(30-minute video call available for $50)
10am–6pm ET
$200 per week
$150 per week (limited time COVID pricing)
$150 for first week;
$100 per week after
3 week minimum commitment2 week minimum commitment
Live online via ZoomOnline
Available only upon completion of initial consultationAvailable only upon completion of initial consultation.

I understand what it’s like to want the best for your dog while also wanting to live your life.

I want you and your dog to be happy. That’s why I studied with separation anxiety specialist Julie Naismith to bring you humane methods that have helped hundreds of dogs just like yours.


Don’t you need to see my dog in-person? Why is this done remotely online?

The trainer’s presence in your home can actually get in the way. Your dog needs to be okay with you leaving, not me! You’ll need to be watching your dog on camera anyway. Remote online training allows for regular support — no guesswork — and more flexibility in scheduling.

How long will it take?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to predict how long it will take for any dog to get better. Every dog is different in terms of how long it takes and how much progress they make. We do know that the method I’ll be showing you is tried and true, and has the best chance of success. You also play a key role in the length and success of training.

Will it work for my dog?

There are no guarantees when it comes to behavior change. However, the method I use is based on the science of how we change dogs’ emotions and has helped hundreds of dogs of all ages and breeds.

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