Home Alone: Dog Edition

Puppy with paws up on window frame looking out window.

Are you with your dog 24/7 these days? I am! We’re certainly enjoying our extra time together. However, I am aware of the need to help my canine friends remain content while alone so it’s not a shock when we eventually get back to normal. What about a new puppy or newly adopted dog who has never learned to be alone? If my clients’ questions are any gauge of the larger dog-guardian population, many people have similar concerns.

And how about dogs already suffering from separation anxiety? If you’re currently home 24/7, now might a great time to get started on separation anxiety training — as long as you have the bandwidth to do so. (And it’s okay if you don’t. Be kind to yourself.) Get in touch with a force-free trainer who specializes in separation anxiety for guidance — see resources below.

Some of my wonderful colleagues who specialize in separation anxiety have been providing excellent information and resources to help with all of the above. I’ll update this list periodically, so feel free to check back.

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