Just Because It Makes Us Smile…

Here comes Pippi, at 1000 frames per second.

This video makes us smile for many reasons. It’s totally and undeniably adorable. (We’re not biased by the fact that this is our dog in any way, of course.) Those little ears flopping up and down. That bounce in her step. The relaxed, open mouth and bright eyes. Perhaps the best part is the part you cannot see here. Pippi is often scared of new things, especially things like the big camera that was used to film this. The first step in creating this video was to help Pippi feel comfortable around the camera using counterconditioning and desensitization. As you can see from this video, she’s not nervous about the camera anymore!

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Mike Ring of The Garden Creative filmed a series of these slow-motion videos of our dogs. We’ll be posting them here over the next few weeks, so check back soon to see more!